InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

The Rorschach Garden



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Release: 2008
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The Rorschach Garden - Transfer CD

Compared to their previous albums one will notice a significant wave influence and a turning towards contemporary songwriting. The bielefeld based trio present a mixture between state-of-the-art electropop and instrumental tracks which are a perfect invitation to listen deeply and to "lift-off" as well. Catchy melodies, the unmistakable vocals, driving beats and moods perfectly balanced between joy and melancholy.
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1.Move Myself
2.Let The Information Flow
3.A Lost Love
4.Doing Business
5.Your Face
6.Play Games
7.Security Exit
9.Into Darkness
10.Less Vast
11.Night Train
12.Turn Back
13.Nature's Last Announcement
14.Epilogue: The Decent Smile