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Release: 2017
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The Saint Paul - Three CD

„Three“ i the third album by german (ruhr area) based three man band project „The Saint Paul“. After their 2015 album „Days Without Rain“ the band returns with ten all new studio songs. A band, a „real band“, that’s what Paul, Marc and Robin are and did recently prove while playing various club shows and festivals throughout 2017. But „Three“ is not just another synth pop or future pop album release, while there is of course elements of that genre to be found in the music of „The Saint Paul“. „Three“ has depth, strength and the charismatic voice of lead singer „Paul“ which makes the music of „The Saint Paul“ truly unique. „Blood Donation“ is without a doubt one of the highlights on „Three“ where the band, for the first time ever, covered a very social criticism theme and also did shoot a video clip for it ( End of november the band will present the album to their fans on a short 5 concert album release tour throughout germany. Fans of bands such as Camouflage, Mesh, Diary of Dreams or Torul should „risk“ an ear… If you’re into electronic pop music with claim - there you go!
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1.04:04 Exit
2.04:13 Come With Me
3.05:14 I Will Stay
4.04:34 Dna
5.04:53 Blood Donation
6.03:22 Your Purity
7.03:55 Losing Control
8.04:24 Love Is Passion
9.04:12 Blue Bird
10.04:15 Back