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The Shanes

"Polka Over Serbja"


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Release: 2007
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The Shanes - Polka Over Serbja CD

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1.The Haunted House Of Polka
2.Godfather Of Polka
3.Hard To Do Something No One Else Did Before
4.The Road To My Horizon
5.Love Will Tear Us Apart
6.Long Haired Country Boy
7.Tango Demi
8.The Big Punisher's Polka
9.King Of The Fairies
10.My Time Will Come
11.The Ripper
12.I'm So Happy And I Don't Know Why
13.The Summer's Almost Gone
14.Bring Me The Head Of Zoltan Narray
15.The Rake
16.Polka Heart
17.Drunkeness, Drugs & Polka