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The Silicon Scientist




Veröffentlichung: 2013
Status: Ausverkauft
The Silicon Scientist - Inselwinter CD

THE SILICON SCIENTIST's very first six track album recorded back in 2002/03 and given the title "Inselwinter" ("Island's winter"). "Inselwinter" is a 60 mins fully electronic instrumental concept album, a rather quiet and non-pompous album, inviting you to journey with your friend Old Man Winter.

It's combining analog and digital ...
InfraRot Verkaufsrang:-
InfraRot Artikelnummer:9941.194
Label:Anna Logue Records
Label-Katalognummer:ANNA 044
1.Inselwinter 1
2.Inselwinter 2
3.Inselwinter 3
4.Inselwinter 4
5.Inselwinter 5
6.Inselwinter Finale
8.Inselwinter (Variation)
9.Inselwinter Demo 1
10.Inselwinter Demo 2
11.Inselwinter Demo 3
12.Inselwinter Demo 4
13.Inselwinter Demo 5