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Release: 2015
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The Spanish Donkey - Raoul 2LP

The sound of Joe Morris' electric guitar, with distortion pedal set on stun and wah-wah pedal fully engaged, colliding with Jamie Saft's droning, microtonal organ and Mike Pride's thunderous free drumming approach to the kit creates a mind-numbing maelstrom on The Spanish Donkey's RAOUL, the improvising trio's debut on RareNoise records. A follow-up to XYX, their 2011 album, which was released on Northern Spy Records. The album consists of three throbbing tracks -- the brutal 32- minute title track Raoul, the 22-minute "Behavioral Sink" and 16-minute Echoplex piano feature "Dragon Fly Jones" -- that showcase The Spanish Donkey's remarkable group-think as well as the individual player's uncanny intuition on their respective instruments. More intensely cathartic, startlingly original and compelling than anything you've ever heard -- imagine a mash-up of John Coltrane's Interstellar Space and Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music -- RAOUL stands as a hellacious manifesto by one of the most formidable improvising trios around today. Musicians: Joe Morris - Electric Guitars Jamie Saft - Hammond And Korg Organs, Minimoog Synthesizer, Echoplex Piano Mike Pride : Drums
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1.Raoul (Part 1)
2.Raoul (Part 2)
3.Behavioral Sink
4.Dragon Fly Jones