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The Stranglers

"A Collection"


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Release: 2004
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The Stranglers - A Collection 3CD

12 MCDs in Zigarrenbox.
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Label:Eastworld Rec.
1.Golden Boy
5.Little Blue Lies
6.Still Life
7.Paradise Row
8.She Gave It All
9.Lies And Deception
10.Lucky Finger
11.And The Boat Sails By
12.Valley Of The Birds
13.In Heaven She Walks
14.In A While
15.Silver Into Blue
16.Blue Sky
18.Joy De Viva
19.Miss You
20.Daddy's Riding The Range
21.Summer In The City
22.Wonderful Land
23.God Is Good
24.You Don't Think That What You've Done Is Wrong
26.Jumo Over My Shadow
27.Miss You
28.Coup De Grace (S-O-S)
29.In The End
30.No Reason
31.Known Only Unto God
32.The Light
33.Waltz In Black
34.Valley Of The Birds
35.Skin Deep
36.Always The Sun
38.Daddy's Riding The Range
39.Strange Little Girl
40.Still Life
41.Let Me Down Easy
42.Golden Brown
43.Lies And Deception
44.European Female
45.All Day And All Of The Night
47.Down In The Sewer
48.5 Minutes
49.No More Heroes