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The Stricken

"The Stricken"


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Release: 2018
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The Stricken - The Stricken CD

Limited edition of strictly 1’000 copies in ecopack!

THE STRICKEN is a brand new Electro project that unites two HUGE names of 30+ years Electro History!!! In fact this duo is comprised by two real legends of Electro in the persons of Ian Donaldson (BRONSKI BEAT) and Claus Larsen (LEÆTHERSTRIP, KLUTÆ, AM TIERPARK…), that united forces as ‘The Stricken’ for this stunningly dark and truly very personal release. The album features 12 original compositions of the two Electro experts!

DARK ELECTRO meets INDUSTRIAL at it’s very best!
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2.A Doom With A View
4.The Chase
5.Men Of My Blood
7.Tools Of Hate
8.You Asked
9.Give It To Me
10.Meet My Master
11.Hole In The Wall