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Then Comes Silence



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Release: March 2020
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Then Comes Silence - Machine LP

Jointly waving the flags of post-punk and goth, front man Alex Svenson regards Then Comes Silence as a rock’n’roll band for the darker side of things. “There will not be any new Bowies, McCartneys, Ramones or Lemmys for a long time. Not in this contemporary pop cultural world we are working in”, he says. “We have to be the Rhine Maidens guarding the Rheingold. Become the guardians of the holy grail until the day the new rock prophets are born.”

Their huge new album “Machine” ...
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1.We Lose The Night (03:56)
2.Devil (03:28)
3.Dark End (04:10)
4.I Gave You Everything (03:49)
5.Ritual (04:06)
6.Apocalypse Flare (03:03)
7.W.o.o.o.u. (05:07)
8.In Your Name (03:57)
9.Glass (03:01)
10.Kill It (06:25)
11.Cuts Inside (04:05)