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Thought Criminals

"Dirty Electro (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2017
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Thought Criminals - Dirty Electro (Limited Edition) LP

The Thought Criminals blend numerous electronic styles paying homage to the dark electro of the 80s. The Thought Criminals have returned with a new EP, Dirty Electro. The Thought Criminals was formed in South London, UK in 2004 when programmer/musician Kirlian Blue and vocalist/frontman Rocky Goode, set out to form a band that would blend early 80's dark electronic music with the more modern alternative dance music of today. Their style is really a hybrid of many electronic genre's and this new release takes on some heavier elements, but maintains the tongue in cheek lyrics that made them famous on their debut.
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Label:WTII Records
1.Dirty Electro
2.Watching You
4.Into The Lebanon