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Thyx - Headless CD

A side project by mastermind Stefan Poiss, THYX is a unique project, blending the electronic sounds, bombastic arrangements, melodies and voices of MIAB with an almost prog-rock vibe. On the new album Headless, Poiss blends guitars and atmospheric tones blend seamlessly with dance beats and trance rhythms to pull the listener along on a journey through another musical dimension.
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Label:Thyx Records
1.Not My Deal 5:12
2.Don't Get Alive 5:30
3.Headless 4:06
4.Doomed 3:37
5.Gravity 8:26
6.A.i. 5:10
7.Forgotten Ii 5:43
8.The Phial 4:24
9.Pain Of Silence 3:56
10.No Place For Me 5:04
11.Free 5:02