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"Super Vision"



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Thyx - Super Vision CD

The glass human being has become a reality. Even George Orwell's prophecies seem tired when compared to the world in which we find ourselves today."Super Vision", the new album by THYX, is a soundtrack of our shaped by the times. Institutionalized espionage and monitoring is the new standard. These themes are explored in "Super Vison, the third studio album from THYX. for Stefan Poiss, in his studio, in front of the computer, it is all the same. like the all seeing electronic eyes, and those that watch the monitors, sifting through our lives and personal information, with THYX musical styles are effortlessly combined and interwoven as vocoders, changing rhythms and electronics pile into an incredibly detailed futuristic structure.How can one describe electronic music when musically anything is possible? Everything is a waveform! and just like the digital signals carry our lives to those that watch, those same columns of zeros and ones translated into sound. Though it seems hopeless, this album teaches us that as long as only we have this understanding, all is not lost.

The ingredients are:30% Vocoders40% Electronic Music20% NSA10%
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2.Will They Learn?
3.Robots Don't Lie
4.Für Immer
5.Waiting For You
6.Don't Let Yourself Go
8.Our Only Home
11.Every Time