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"The Way Home"



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Thyx - The Way Home CD

- THYX -

Electronic sounds, bombastic arrangements, melodies and voices, mixed with emotions from another dimension. Atmospheres from cyberspace, a musical image from a far-away future from which THYX speaks to us and carries its sound cosmos directly into the brains of listeners.

THYX originally was a song written by Poiss about 20 years ago. For Poiss this name is a synonym for a specific kind of soundscape. Poiss had discovered something back then, a rift in time, a sound between notes. A coincidental anomaly in sound that he now tries to recreate. The music of THYX is the product of the search for this phenomenon. Without compromise Poiss tries to find again what he once had discovered. THYX. The wave between sound and resonance.

A side project by mastermind Stefan Poiss.
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Label:Thyx Records
2.My Own Little World
3.The Way Home
5.Black Hole
7.Snow In July
8.In The Past
9.Into The Realm
10.No Voices
11.Crack It