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Tommi Stumpff

"Terror II"


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Release: 2017
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Tommi Stumpff - Terror II CD

Following the amazing re-release of the long lost debut album "Zu spät ihr Scheißer", the second release in the re-issue series for Tommi Stumpff will be "Terror II", originally released in 1988 on the NO DANCE label.

While the debut album appeared to be still very ‘minimal electro/EBM’-like, the second album (here in a newly remastered version) impresses with a tremendously ‘full’ and orchestral sound and includes smashers such as "Meine Sklavin", "Le Chien Andalou" and "Niemals mehr", which are crowd-favourites even in our days.
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Label:Danse Macabre
1.Meine Sklavin
3.La Lueur
4.The German Beat
5.Robots Kill The Japanese
6.Niemals Mehr
7.Le Chien Andalou
8.Terror Ii
9....und So Sterbt Alle!