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Tom's Midnight Garden

"To Kill A Klown"


Veröffentlichung: 2011
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Tom's Midnight Garden - To Kill A Klown CD

London, 1984 - the later Punk movement had reached it's peak - and the same did the 'cold wave' on both sides of the Channel. A trio made of Dev (later to be While Angels Watch and actual Joy Of Life), Bill and Kappa recorded an album, that was to be released on the '96 Tapes' Label the year after - but the band split-up before this actually happened...

Being worthy followers to Crisis (pre-Death in June), Tom's Midnight Garden is a must-have for fans of the Punk and Cold Wave scene of the Mid-Eighties. This re-release comes with 6 exclusive bonus-tracks! 1984/1985 recording - 2010 re-mastered edition!
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1.A Lost Dream
3.Paint The World
5.The Nightmare
6.Somewhere In Time
8.My Faithfull Friend
9.To Kill A Klown
10.Wild Strawberries
13.The Tale Of Lizzie Borden