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Tonal Y Nagual

"La Sierra Mecanica"


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Release: 2009
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Tonal Y Nagual - La Sierra Mecanica CD

"La Sierra Mecánica" marks a turning point in the creative processof Tonal Y Nagual. Their journey started in a barren, longforgotten desert but after five years of wandering they reachthe premises of something called intelligent pop, strangelycaptivating tunes saturated with rare emotional roughnesscomparable to acts like Geneviéve Pasquier and the newerworks of Portishead.

Their third album starts with ...
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1.The Hidden Oasis Outro
2.Whiteman Got No Riddim
5.Mister Cranky Tree
6.Lux Cypher
7.Grave (Feat. Geneviéve Pasquier)
8.Get Out Of Our Way
9.The Loneliest Place
10.Dirty Maiden
11.Tribes Of The Night
12.Der Bergkönig
13.Cog In The Machine
14.The Real Outro
15.Proud To Be (Reimagined By Die Perlen)
16.Kaputt Maschine (By Zero Degree)