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Tor Lundvall

"Structures and Solitude"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
Tor Lundvall - Structures and Solitude 5CD

5 CD collection, including a total of 13 exclusive bonus-tracks!

Tor Lundvall first came into the public eye in the early 1990s through his art exhibitions in New York and after creating the CD artwork for various musicians, including several projects for Tony Wakeford's dark folk group Sol Invictus. Lundvall has also produced cover art for Gonzalo Rubalcaba's "Solo" CD (2006) and Miles Davis's "The Blue Note and Capitol Re-cordings" CD box-set reissue (1993), both released on Blue Note Records.

His paintings have also been ...
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Label:Dais Records
Label's catalogue number:DAIS052
2.The Pond
3.It's Over Now
4.Silver Wash
5.Last Light
7.Soft Bipolarity
8.Blue Room
9.Sunday Evening
12.Lost At Sea
13.Routine (Bonus Track)
14.Soft Bipolarity (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
15.Sunday Evening (Early Mix) (Bonus Track)
16.Lost At Sea 2 (Bonus Track)
17.Scrap Yard
18.Platform #3
19.Running Late
20.Night Work
21.Early Hours
22.Grey Water
23.Buildings And Rain
25.Empty City
26.Open Window
27.2:00 Am
28.Clearing Sky
29.Machinery (Bonus Track)
30.Sunset (Bonus Track)
31.Scrap Yard (String Version) (Bonus Track)
32.Early Hours (Vocal Version) (Bonus Track)
33.City Rain
34.Spring Song
35.Falling Trees
36.Midnight Ride
39.Dark Roads
40.Bird Girl
41.The Dead Period
43.Evening Walk (Bonus Track)
44.The Falling Rain (Bonus Track)
45.The Shipyard At Dawn
47.Morning Smoke
48.Tugboats In Fog
49.Under Snow Conditions
50.The Shipyard In Winter (Bonus Track)
51.Safety In Grey (Bonus Track)
52.Angels At Sea
53.The Shipyard At Night
54.Blue Rain Ships
55.Grey Rain Ships
56.In A Shipyard (1991 Demo) (Bonus Track)
57.Soft Blue Light
58.Violet Wash
59.Two Stars Remain
60.Night Paths
61.Disturbance On Wood Street
62.Factory Glow
63.Is Someone There?
64.Ship Lights
65.3:00 Am
67.Smiling Moon
68.Vacant Lot
69.Dark Wings
70.Quadrant Hill
71.Red Window
72.The Quiet Hour
73.Blurred Dream
74.Waking Light