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Torn From Beyond

"If the view freezes"


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Release: 2021
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Torn From Beyond - If the view freezes CD

the musical output of bert lehmann has been at an astonishing high level of quality since he first presented his tracks to us at audiophob under his moniker ‘mortaja’. since then he developed his style in quite diverse directions while maintaining the high quality and quantity of his work. this diversity was the main reason to split up his activities and present the more quieter side of his creativity under a new name: ‘torn from beyond’ will from now on be the home for his dark, atmospheric sounds in the vein of new risen, throne or raison d’être. the album ‘if the view freezes’ demonstrates this side of berts work in an excellent manner, the term ‘side project’ doesn’t seem to do justice at all. this release also marks a new milestone for the label krater recordings. created by mirko hentrich as an outlet for even more experimental electronic music, it was in the first place home for his side projects (capsular, sick en for etc.) and released very limited editions. ‘if the view freezes’ is not only the first full release of a project without the involvement of mirko, the label also took a step forward in releasing its first non-cdr release. more exiting releases are coming up.
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