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"All (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Torul - All (Limited Edition) MCD

All“ is the brand new hit single by slovenia’s finest electropop export „Torul“. The three man project with producer & mastermind „Torulsson“ angain manages to combine modern soundscapes with „traditional“ synth pop elements to create a massive new single hit! the physical single release is limited to 444 copies worldwide and comes with more then 36 (!) minutes running time and no less then 7 (!) different versions! Well know remixers such as „Beltek“ (e.g. Faithless, Alan Connor, Zoo Brazil feat. Rasmus), „Rob Dust“ (e.g. Camouflage, Witt, Mesh, De/Vision), „Binary Park“ (e.g. Haujobb, Front Line Assembly, Pankow) did their interpretation in various unique styles! be fast since this CD will soon be a true collectors item!
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InfraRot item number:9944.162
2.All (Beltek Remix)
3.All (Binary Park Remix)
4.All (Neurotech Remix)
5.All (Rob Dust Remix)
6.All (Shekuza Remix)
7.All (Steamgarden Remix)