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Release: 2017
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Torul - Monday MCD

„Monday“ is for sure the most logical single outtake of „Torul’s“ successor „Reset“. A massive and strong club tune which will find it’s way in- and outside of the electronic pop scene. „Torul“ prove once more that they can be „club“, melancholic and sensitive in one. Besides the title song „Monday“ in two completely new recorded versions (compared to the album song) the single also features the great Depeche Mode cover song „Stripped“ as well as „Wave Riders Theme“, official „hymn“ of a well known club event in slovenia. „Monday“ is possibly the only positive song about mondays ever written… a must have for all electropop and synth pop maniacs!
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1.Monday (Single Version)
3.Wave Riders Theme
4.Monday (Single Version Extended)