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Release: 2020
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Torul - Teniversia 2CD

„TENIVERSIA“ is the title of the new 2CD „retrospective“ compilation of slovenia based indie pop artist „TORUL“. But „TENIVERSIA“ is way more then a usual „BEST OF“ collection. All 18 hit songs of the album have been totally rerecorded, which makes them all new! Besides the 18 well known „hits“ in new garment, the album also features two brand new songs including the just released new single „Best Moments“. 20 songs on two CDs make „TENIVERSIA“ the ultimate collectors item for all TORUL fans, but also a massive boarding drug for all fans of high class electro-/indie-pop.
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1.01 The Sun! (Teniversia)
2.02 The Sooner The Better (Teniversia)
3.03 Lonely Night (Teniversia)
4.04 The Fall (Teniversia)
5.05 All Over Again (Teniversia)
6.06 Try (Teniversia)
7.07 Saviour Of Love (Teniversia)
8.08 Ausverkauft( Teniversia)
9.09 Best M0Ments 
10.10 If It’S Dark Enough (Teniversia)
11.01 The Sun! (Teniversia)
12.02 The Sooner The Better (Teniversia)
13.03 Lonely Night (Teniversia)
14.04 The Fall (Teniversia)
15.05 All Over Again (Teniversia)
16.06 Try (Teniversia)
17.07 Saviour Of Love (Teniversia)
18.08 Ausverkauft( Teniversia)
19.09 Best M0Ments 
20.10 If It’S Dark Enough (Teniversia)