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"Digital Exorcist"


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Release: 2013
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Totakeke - Digital Exorcist CD

totakeke marks 10 years of noise-making with his fifth lp 'digital exorcist'. a gripping barrage of complex rhythmic noise punctuated by head-nodding, hard-nosed beats, stabbing glitch, and taut synthlines. an intricate torrent of richly-layered sounds that swell and retract, guiding the listener through an intricate universe of twisted and unyielding futuristic clamor. acute rhythmic noise for discerning aural palates. mastered by alexander dietz (erode, heaven shall burn) and featuring artwork by shift. packaging: 4-panel digipak
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Label's catalogue number:ta074
1.Digital Exorcism I (It All Seemed Harmless)
2.Virtual Intelligence [Free Download]
4.Where The Machine Begins
5.Digital Exorcism Ii (Virus With A Face)
7.Man’S Reach Exceeds His Grasp
8.Victory Without Casualties
9.Digital Exorcism Iii (Absolution)