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Total Pain Kollapz

"Survive The Everyday"


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Release: 2019
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Total Pain Kollapz - Survive The Everyday CD

Zombie-EBM sound is back! The personal anger management project Total Pain Kollapz from Sweden are back with the second release from the band (after the the debut album 'Hell is not heaven' released by the U.S label Hypervoxx records in 2007).

Harsh cold chilling EBM from the inside of his brain lets him release the rage and frustration of daily life through music. The album contains 15 new songs and remixes inculding the dark underground hit 'Where are u' in a new clubmix . The sound is still dark and hard with a monotonous beat that would fit nice in any horror movie as well as in any club.
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InfraRot item number:2006.692
Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-35-cd
1.This World
2.Let Me Die
4.Where Are U (2009 Club Mix)
6.The Sinners Last Wish
7.In You Face
9.Survive The Everyday
11.Evil Inside (U 2 Blame)
12.The Conversation
14.March Of The Dead (Fishstick Happy Pill Mix)
15.The Sinners Last Wish (Death Under Siege Mix)