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Tragic Black



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Release: 2016
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Tragic Black - Nostalgia CD

Style: Goth Rock/Deathrock. The all new Tragic Black album was released in summer already, but the label failed to tell us ;-) Tragic Black is a goth/deathrock band from Salt Lake City known for their dark aesthetic, decadence & high-energy performances. Created in 2000, the band has gone on to create 5 full length albums and 3 ep's with an evolving line up that's toured in Europe, Mexico & the United States. ‘Nostalgia’ has been finished recording this spring and the album features 12 tracks, including a number of remixes! TB's music has evolved in many ways since the inception in 2000, with each release lyrically and musically centric to a different element. Their debut "The Decadent Requiem" (2006) is related to the element of Fire, while their subsequent album "The Cold Caress"(2007) is related to the element of Water. These were followed by a limited edition 7'', related to the element of Air and finally "The Eternal Now" (2013), that is related to the element of Earth.Nostalgia (2016) has a darker, dancier, old school sound that inspired the band to form in the first place. An indulgence of the sounds under the larger goth umbrella. Nostalgia represents a completion of earthly elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and a opening of the crown chakra.
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Label:Danse Macabre
3.Vatican Vultures
4.Unexpected Nightmare
5.Ripe For Decay
6.Beyond The Veil Of Delusion
8.Broken Believers
9.Crossing The Barrier
10.Nostalgia (Seputus Black Remix)
11.Unexpected Nightmare (Save Me From Myself Remix By Larva)
12.Beyond The Veil (Vision Remix)