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"Halo Of Lies"



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TraKKtor - Halo Of Lies 2CD

Trakktor is a Swedish duo set up in 2001 by Pierre Maier and Tobias Jansson. Later on the duo got joined by Jens Lagnekvist aka DJ Conan. Right now Trakktor is again a duo as Tobias Jansson left the band to concentrate on his own project. Trakktor previously released an EP entitled 'Veil Of Thorns', but you probably heard the band on a few great compilations like 'Electronic Body Matrix' and 'Extreme Sünderfall Vol. 11' or remixes for bands like Kant Kino, Cryo, Red Cell, Menticide ao.

'Force Majeure' is a good ...
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Label:Katyusha Records
Label's catalogue number:KATACD02
1.Trakktor · Welcome To Sin CIty
2.Trakktor · End Of Days
3.Trakktor · Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Album Version)
4.Trakktor · Halo Of Lies
5.Trakktor · TraKKtor
6.Trakktor · Spitting On Your Grave
7.Trakktor · Orbital Strike (Infinitus Bellum)
8.Trakktor · MeKKanized Soul
9.Trakktor · Hollow Spirits (Album Version)
10.Trakktor · Drag Me To Hell
11.Trakktor · The Dawn Of War
12.Trakktor · The Dawn Of War (Falling Skies Remix By Roughhausen)
13.Trakktor · Spitting On Your Grave (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
14.Trakktor · Halo Of Lies (Remixed By Re-legion)
15.Trakktor · Dawn Of War (Remixed By Diversant:13)
16.Trakktor · Mekkanized Soul (Remixed By Ginger Snap5)
17.Trakktor · Blitzkrieg Galaxy (The Blister Exists Remix)
18.Trakktor · Spitting On Your Grave (19
19.Trakktor · Remixx By Angst Pop Feat. Technomancer)
20.Trakktor · Halo Of Lies (Shock-Pop-Mix By Channel East)
21.Trakktor · Dawn Of War (Frontal Boundary Mix)
22.Trakktor · Mekkanized Soul (Kant Kino Symphony)
23.Trakktor · Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Frau Untz Remix)
24.Trakktor · Spitting On Your Grave (Electronic Dreams WTL Remix)
25.Trakktor · Halo Of Lies (Remix By Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio)
26.Trakktor · The Dawn Of War (Remixed By Zargg)
27.Trakktor · Spitting On Your Grave (Remix By Particle Son)