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Transit Poetry

"Pedestrians In The Sky"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Transit Poetry - Pedestrians In The Sky CD

It was truly a huge project, which Transit Poetry had started in 2002. Four albums should be released, each of them dealing with one of the elements water, fire, earth and air to build a lyrical bridge between material and spiritual world. These days the musicians around mastermind Sascha Blach present the fourth and last part of the concept: 'Pedestrians In The Sky'.

The album finishes the element ...
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InfraRot item number:2008.174
Label:Danse Macabre
Label's catalogue number:6412995DM
1.Astronauts & Butterflies
3.A Drowning Man
4.Little Buddha
5.A Prayer To The Planet
6.Space Volcanoes
7.Der Nachtwandler
9.Blood On The Windmills
10.Rhyme Of The Fairies
11.The Solitary Dancers
12.Aeroplanes To The Sun
13.Luminous Stars Feat. Leandra
14.Halo Of The World
15.Ad Infinitum