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"Ars Militaria"


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Release: 2011
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Triarii - Ars Militaria CD

Re-Release of the legendary first album. On the debut-album by this Military Pop act par excellence, we find 12 tracks of finest heroic and bombastic military pop. Layers of snare drums, heavy orchestral strings, overwhelming fanfares and marches, historical samples and noises break down over the listeners head like a fatal thunderstorm. Essential!
InfraRot sales rank:1,286
InfraRot item number:5504.000
Label:Eternal Soul
Label's catalogue number:ES02.2
1.Anthem From De Iron Flame
2.Europe In Flames
3.Mother Of Pain
4.Dark Skies Over Europe
5.Der Verwundete (In Memoriam Arno Breker)
6.Legio Vi Ferrata
7.Regicide II
8.Marche De La Capitulation
10.Serpent, Sun & World Ending
11.For The Fallen Ones
12.Son Of The Sun