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Trisomie 21

"Don't You Hear? (Limited Edition)"



Release: May 2018
Status: Sold out
Trisomie 21 - Don't You Hear? (Limited Edition) LP

Limited to 300 Copies!

Vintage rarities 1978 - 1981 available on vinyl for the very first time !

Trisomie 21 is a French cold wave group, formed near Lille, France by brothers Philippe and Hervé Lomprez.
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InfraRot item number:9952.335
Label:Minimal Maximal
1.A1. Relationship (Live Intro - Unreleased)
2.A2. The Wayside (Unreleased)
3.A3. See The Devil In Me (Demo)
4.A4. Don't You Hear? (Unreleased)
5.A5. We Have Not The Choice (Unreleased)
6.B1. Hot Roads (Unreleased)
7.B2. La Fete Triste (Demo)
8.B3. Darkness Settles (Unreleased)
9.B4. Is Anybody Home? (Part 1) (Demo)
10.B5. Blue Twilight (Unreleased)
11.B6. Constellation (Unreleased)