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Trobar De Morte



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Release: 2019
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Trobar De Morte - Witchcraft CD

Is the seventh album of the band. Myths, legends, sorcery and occultism are intertwined with charming melodies of violins, guitars, bagpipes, ethnic percussions and beautiful voices creating a dark and magical universe composed of 13 songs entitled "Witchcraft".Cover art by Victoria Francés.
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1.La Era De Las Brujas 02:42
2.Zugarramurdi 04:03
3.Rondalla 03:25
4.The Black Forest 04:54
5.Sister Of The Night 03:57
6.Mater Luna 05:49
7.Ritual 06:57
8.Cantus 01:37
9.El Boc De Biterna 05:33
10.The Circle 04:25
11.Wind 04:02
12.Stramonium 04:22
13.Sortilege 02:23