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Release: 2016
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Troller - Graphic LP

Troller's long awaited 2nd album out on HOLODECK Records. Limited edition of 1,000 on 150g black vinyl LPs with reverse matte jackets. Reemerging from a long and self-defining stint in the studio, Austin's darkwave metal trio TROLLER returns with their pleasurably harsh second LP, "Graphic". Despite the underground success of the critically acclaimed 2012 self-titled debut, "Graphic" manages to eclipse the broad appeal of the first record's addictively ominous pop anthems. TROLLER's focus on layered composition and biting sound design has resulted in a highly developed work that embodies the band's unique raw form while raising the benchmark on fidelity and experimentation. Troller formed in 2010 out of Austin's dense electronic and experimental scene and played a key role in the founding of Holodeck Records. The trio's synthesizer and drum machine half-time rhythms impeccably complement bassist and vocalist Amber Goers' heavy riffing and charismatically tortured voice. Aspects of "Graphic" are often alien and cold, most notably epitomized by the atonal chord progressions and walls of impenetrable feedback on the album's title track and the song "Sundowner." Although "Storm Maker" soothes the emotional palette with its soft tones and bittersweet melodies, the natural tension of Goers' captivating vocal delivery is never completely forgiving. This internal duality is a recurring trope throughout all ten of Graphic's gorgeously dark tracks, unapologetically oscillating between irresistible hooks and unmitigated chaos. Troller's guttural bass tones, warm synthesizer arpeggios, and booming sub hits are catchy yet gritty, asserting a balanced and individual take on modern synth pop. "Graphic" is a visceral expression of the beauty within destruction.
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3.Not Here
4.They Body
5.Storm Maker
8.Drug Dog