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"René Guénon et la Tradition Primordiale"


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Release: 2015
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TSIDMZ - René Guénon et la Tradition Primordiale CD

Digipak, limited to 300. Third album in the TSIDMZ [Thule Sehnsucht In Der Maschinen Zeit] trilogy, "Pax Deorum Hominumque" and "Ungern Von Sternberg Khan". Also the third chapter features again a great mix of boombastic martial, ethnic industrial, folk and medieval music. The album features a number of guests, including L’Effet c’est Moi, Sonnenkind, Gregorio Bardini, Barbarossa Umtrunk, Porta Vittoria and others for a tribute to René Guénon and to the law based on the principle of the unity.

For this album the lyrics have been taken and reworked from various Guénon’s writings and are available inside a partition of the CD. Final mastering by Peter Andersson (Raison d’Être).
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