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Twa Corbies

"The Clamouring"


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Release: 2015
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Twa Corbies - The Clamouring CD

Tony Wakeford (SOL INVICTUS) and Gernot Musch (ex-PILORI) spread their black wings for their project Twa Corbies to reveal their long awaited debut album »The Clamouring«. Warm, sensual acoustic guitar layers and two perfectly matching, haunting voices is all it takes to bring us back to the root qualities of European dark folk music. Melancholic, yet full of vigour. Nostalgic and brimming with a love of freedom. Dreamily, and still always political. Nihilistic, yet never lacking a conciliating glimpse of hope. With their first gigs the two ravens realized that their collaboration would not be exhausted in playing Sol Invictus tracks unplugged. So, here come eleven brilliantly produced new studio tracks, played with gusto, to document Wakeford and Musch as accomplished musicians and experienced songwriters, ranging from spacious and epic songs like »Is There A Heaven?« and »A Fool In April«, with more than a hint of Wakeford about, to the hypnotic pull of »The Hand Of God«, to pondering ballad »Dark And Drublie Days«, with its infectious chorus. With the track »No Bosses« there's a real gem for all Wakeford-fans to discover: Tony's legendary punk band Crisis' first single with its original lyrics that weren't used at the time, over thirty years ago. Both, »No Bosses« and also newly arranged »Laughing«, are an integral part of the project's stage set-up, and just two of the many reasons to count the days till the next Twa Corbies live concerts.
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1.Is There A Heavan
2.The Tower Of Babylondon
3.A Fool In April
5.Dresden Heather Song
6.The Hand Of God
7.Dark And Drublie Days
8.She Descends
9.Leaving Macclesfield
10.No Bosses