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Twice A Man

"Songs Of Future Memories (1982 -2022)"

3CD · Book

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Release: January 2023
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Twice A Man - Songs Of Future Memories (1982 -2022) 3CD


"Songs of Future Memories (1982-2022)" is the long overdue second anthology dedicated to the Swedish pioneers of electronic music, TWICE A MAN. On three CDs, the finest tracks from the 14 song albums have been collected and diligently remastered. The 7 instrumental works of the band's catalogue have been deliberately left out of this project, which is intended to serve as a comprehensive musical guide through the band's outstanding career spanning over 4 decades of groundbreaking works. In addition to the known material, the band has also added two new tracks.

TWICE A MAN never took ...
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1.Move 3:10
2.Russian Tractors 4:11
3.Decay 4:06
4.Goat Ii 2:59
5.Balloons 4:47
6.Talking To The Wall 5:35
7.Observations From A Borderland 5:53
8.Fear 6:23
9.Across The Ocean 7:31
10.Distant Calls 7:43
11.Still In The Air 5:01
12.Divided Light 6:14
13.Tribal Ways 6:35
14.Back On Venus 3:38
15.Girl 4:27
17.Yellow Flowers 2:47
18.Crane Dance 3:09
19.Speed 4:14
20.Reality Built For Two 5:57
21.Shivanayama 6:10
22.Somebody Sang Your Name 6:05
23.Skylark 4:34
24.Shoe 7:54
25.Tranquil Moonlit Lake 5:30
26.Where Are You Now 7:33
27.Black 5:37
28.Presence 5:24
29.High In The Clouds 6:12
30.Cocoon 7 5:27
31.Fireflies 6:10
32.Modern World 7:20
33.Lotus 8:18
34.Dahlia 6:19