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"Flowers of Evil"


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Release: 2020-08-28
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Ulver - Flowers of Evil CD

In the midst of the forest, the floor is littered with monstrous heads and mythical figures, frozen in torturous combat or threatened by wild beasts. A dragon fights a dog and a wolf. A lion sinks its teeth into the fire-breathing monster’s chest.

This sacred grove, near Bomarzo in Lazio, Italy, reveals the nightmare vision of Vicino Orsini, a sixteenth century nobleman. It’s a forest of symbols, suggesting a civilisation overrun by the beasts, demons and monsters of the primordial world. Soon after Orsini’s death, trees began to close in on these many peculiar beings, and green moss would eventually seize them. Slowly, nature finished what he had started.

Flowers of Evil, the new ...
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Label:House Of Mythology
1.One Last Dance
2.Russian Doll
3.Machine Guns And Peacock Feathers
4.Hour Of The Wolf
5.Apocalypse 1993
6.Little Boy
8.A Thousand Cuts