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Umbra Et Imago

"20 (Deluxe Edition)"


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Release: 2011
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Umbra Et Imago - 20 (Deluxe Edition) Box

With '20', German cult act Umbra Et Imago not only present the audio-visual quintessence of their ongoing career, but also completely new and unreleased song material. '20' once again proves that this band is still full of creativity and surprising ideas, even after two decades.

Since 1991, this exceptional act ...
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1.Märchenlied (Acoustic) [Video]
2.Jahr Und Tag (Acoustic) [Video]
3.Kleine Schwester (Acoustic) [Video]
4.Mein Herz Und Meine Seele (Acoustic) [Video]
5.You Are Poison For Me (Acoustic) [Video]
6.Erotica (Acoustic) [Video]
7.Der Freie Geist (Acoustic) [Video]
8.Vater (Acoustic) [Video]
9.Ein Letztes Mal (Acoustic) [Video]
10.Wintertage (Acoustic) [Video]
11.Intro [Video]
12.Liebeslied [Video]
13.Perfect Baby [Video]
14.House Of The Rising Sun [Video]
15.Gebet Nr. 1 [Video]
16.Ignoranz [Video]
17.Goth Music [Video]
18.Davon Geht Die Welt Nicht Unter [Video]
19.Ode An Die Musik [Video]
20.Final Last Dream [Video]
21.Ohne Dich [Video]
22.Sonntagsandacht [Video]
23.Alles Schwarz [Video]
24.Amadeus [Video]
25.Depressionen [Video]
27.Davon Geht Die Welt Nicht Unter
29.Märchenlied (Acoustic) [Live]
30.You Are Poison For Me (Acoustic) [Live]
31.Erotica (Acoustic) [Live]
32.Vater (Acoustic) [Live]
33.Ein Letztes Mal (Acoustic) [Live]
34.Wintertage (Acoustic) [Live]
35.Liebeslied [Live]
36.Perfect Baby [Live]
37.House Of The Rising Sun [Live]
38.Gebet Nr. 1 [Live]
39.Ignoranz [Live]
40.Goth Music [Live]
41.Ode An Die Musik [Live]