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"Mea Culpa (Re-Release)"


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Release: 2013
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Umbra Et Imago - Mea Culpa (Re-Release) CD + DVD

Re-release No.1 features the complete 2000 release ‘Mea Culpa’ – an album on which the Gothic act further developped their sound into a more aggressive, almost rocky sound but with the usual dark, goth touch. The album features the track ‘Lieber Gott’, co-written by and featuring the vocals of Peter Heppner (WOLFSHEIM), the single ‘Weinst Du’ (feat. TANZWUT) and the FALCO cover ‘Rock me Amadeus’.

The DVD is probably the best and most ‘complete’ DVD-release by Umbra et Imago and features not only an entire live-show but a lot of extras, some of which quite explicit. Running time: 201 minutes. Picture format: PAL 4:3 Letterbox. DVD 9. Audio: Dolby 5.1 and Dolby Stereo. No region code.
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2.Lieber Gott
4.Mea Culpa
5.Goth Music
6.Prinz Vogelfrei
8.Jahr Und Tag
10.Weinst Du
12.Rock Me Amadeus
14.Der Neue Hass
15.Dionysos (Live/video)
16.Mein Buch (Live/video)
17.Feuer Und Licht (Live/video)
18.She Is Calling (Live/video)
19.Goth Music (Live/video)
20.Lieber Gott (Live/video)
21.Milch (Live/video)
22.Schweigen Ist Gold (Live/video)
23.Mea Culpa (Live/video)
24.Alles Schwarz (Live/video)
25.Viva Lesbian-Show (Live/video)
26.Dunkle Energie (Live/video)
27.White Wedding (Live/video)
28.Teutonenlied (Live/video)
29.Rock Me Amadeus (Live/video)
30.Tv Macht Krank (Live/video)