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Umo Detic



Release: January 2021
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Umo Detic - Fahrenheit CD

„Umo Detic“, a name connected to the „Sound Of Frankfurt“ like not many others. One of the driving forces of the „New Zone“ (label) era made Markus Nikolai aka „Jallokin“ known on the dance floors around the globe. Besides projects such as „Pluuto“ (T.D.I.) or „Bigod 20“ (Zoth Ommog / Sire Records) Markus could make himself a name a producer, musician and DJ with projects such as „Pile“ or his very own recordable „Perlon“. „Umo Detic“ is part 41 (!) of the Infacted Recordings classics collection and is again strictly limited. Eleven (!) songs/mixes taken off two 12“/Single releases with some compilation mixes and especially produced mixes can be found on the classic release of „Fahrenheit“. A great all new remix by famous „Dominatrix“ as well as the searched and wanted US „Ultimix“ and an outstanding „Razormaid“ DJ mix can be found on „Fahrenheit“. All tracks have been digital remastered by Guido Fricke at „Audio-X“ to give them the best possible sound. A true must have for very electronic music collection.
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1.Fahrenheit (Original Mix 1)
2.Carpe Diem (I)
3.Fahrenheit (Ultimix)
4.Carpe Diem (Ii)
5.Carpe Diem (Transmission Mix)
6.Fahrenheit (Dominatrix Remix)
7.Carpe Diem (Bigod 10 Mix)
8.Fahrenheit (Memo Remix)
9.Fahrenheit (Original Mix 2)
10.Carpe Diem (Razormaid Mix)
11.Fahrenheit (Coqui Selection Remix)