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Release: 2012
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Unitary - Misanthropy CD

Dark and romantic. Tearing at the seams of convention. Where logic meets emotion, there is struggle is the best description you can find for the second studio album by Unitary entitled 'Misantrophy'. Every track name represents a different word for Misanthropy, and the flaws which all humans possess. 'Misanthropy' is a towering achievement of sheer musical power and lyrical subtlety. Floating electropop with an edge!

"This album is more layered, and more straight forward, than previous efforts. 'I have tried to get more of a live feeling to it, especially with the vocals. I'm sure people will find many elements that are typical for Unitary. But there is a whole new range of new musical ideas. Lyrically though, I'm still the same old me. Nothing has changed there, haha!" says Johan Hansson aka Unitary about his fullength 'Misantrophy'.
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Label's catalogue number:FACT 3207
1.Myth Parades
3.Mark Of Cain
6.My Profane
8.Misery's Crown
10.Miscreation (Acretongue Remix)
11.Micreation (Chrom Remix)
12.My Profane (Spektralized Version)
13.Maelstrom (Pretorium Remix)