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Unto Ashes

"The Blood Of My Lady"


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Release: 2009
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Unto Ashes - The Blood Of My Lady CD

After a period of great turmoil and change, Unto Ashes deliver a neo-folk masterpiece: thirteen spells conjured for the Lady, who is everywhere and nowhere. Following a very successful 2006 European Tour opening for Germany's darkwave/neo-Medieval gods Qntal, two former members of Unto Ashes emigrated to Germany, where they are now recording with members of Estampie and Helium Vola. Thus, "The Blood of My Lady" was painfully conceived and wrought in considerable upheaval (emotional and otherwise). In late 2007 Unto Ashes founder and songwriter Michael Laird moved from New York City to a Victorian house in the countryside to begin anew. Where as Laird wrote and recorded the album in almost complete isolation, the CD has been blessed by a number of stunning musical contributions by Kim Larsen from Of the Wand and the Moon. "The Blood of My Lady" was recorded entirely with acoustic instruments; its neo-medieval enchantments will be favorably compared with Unto Ashes' debut album "Moon Oppose Moon" (Projekt, 2000). The thirteen songs abound with cellos, French horns, hurdy-gurdy, dulcimers, mandolin, piano, and military drums. The album explores themes of love and loss; of awakening; and of homecoming... Easily the most boisterous song on the album is the infectious and powerful anthem "Echos in den Wald," a German "military pop song" which involves relentless hurdy-gurdy, snare drums, and a towering men's choir. Following close behind is an outrageous neo-folk version of "Fly on the Windscreen" which is as menacing - and romantic - as the Depeche Mode original. Long admired by Laird, "Fly on the Windscreen" perfectly captures the exquisite tension between sex and death. A foreboding analogue synthesizer on "Our Palace of Ice" harkens to the synthetic gloomscapes of Norway's Burzum. Another stirring instrumental piece is "The Tomb of Your Remains" which was performed entirely on cello; this song was written in the ninth century by Kassia, of Constantinople, who is the earliest known female composer whose name has come down to us.
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1.The Blood Of My Lady (Part 1)
2.Who Has Seen The Wind
3.Echos In Den Wald
4.The Tomb Of Your Remains
6.I Will Lead You Down
7.Our Palace Of Ice
8.A Cold Wind (February)
9.For All My Broken Promises
10.The River And The Hawk
11.Fly On The Windscreen
12.The Blood Of My Lady (Part 2)
13.She Is Everywhere And Nowhere