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Release: July 2018
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Valhall - Grimoire CD

A grimoire is a book of magical knowledge. Such a book may contain lists of angels and demons, directions on casting charms and spells, on mixing medicines, summoning unearthly entities, and making talismans. Grimoires contain secret knowledge and have been in use since ancient times.

The grimoire of VALHALL is inspired by, but not limited to, such knowledge. It draws its power from the ancient and the current, from the arcane and the technological. It serves to give the listener excerpts of fantasies and folklore, myths and truths, dreams and nightmares. Grimoire is a collection of electronic darkwave songs, wrapped in a coat of witchhouse and neofolk, that VALHALL is known for.

Features guest violin contributions by Jessica Pimentel (Maria Ruiz in Orange is the New Black), lead singer of the Brooklyn-based metal band Alekhine's Gun. Pimentel also recently contributed violins to Origin's Nuclear Blast release Unparalleled Universe and has said that Valhall is one of her favourite bands.
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1.A1 Bonetrees
2.A2 Dead Waves
3.A3 Lilies For Belial
4.A4 Ormens Offer (Featuring Jessica Pimentel)
5.B1 Grimoire
6.B2 Ruins Of Vanaland
7.B3 The Hunt
8.B4 Aeons Unveiled
9.B5 Niðingrdans