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"Leaning On Shadows"


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Release: 2014
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Valhall - Leaning On Shadows CD

Stockholm-based VALHALL is the creative outlet for two secretive electronic musicians who prefer to leave their identities unrevealed. In fact, not even the CD has any artist+title printed on the front cover but includes a sticker (see picture below) over the shrink wrap instead…. The duo composes haunting, epic pieces with broad brush-strokes, influenced by witch house, neofolk, and industrial. Formed in 2012, the project was quickly tapped by Finland's Kuudes Aisti festival, where VALHALL shared the bill with The Haxan Cloak, Lydia Lunch, Light Asylum and many others, before taking the stage at 3 AM to a stunned crowd.

The debut CD for Artoffact Records, Leaning on Shadows, takes the project to new places. It is at once haunting and ominous, but also shines with an unexpected whiteness. It is in fact, a thing of beauty.
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