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Van Kaye & Ignit

"Anthology 1980-1985"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Van Kaye & Ignit - Anthology 1980-1985 LPBOX

Great, fantastic Minimal-Synth-Tracks from legendary dutch duo Van Kaye and Ignit.

Van Kaye alias Ed Van Kasteren (studying history of the arts and being singer of Monomen in the late 70's) and Ignit Bekken (performing artist, painter and studiying to become an art-teacher) meet in early 1980 and started woking and experimenting with synthesisers. The result was the minimal/synth-classic and highly sought-after Tapes 'A Slight Delay' and 'With a Little Help' which they distributed and pubslihed through their own Ding Dong Discs label. Another ex-Monoman, William Wiusselink alias 'Wizzkopf', joined the project in 1982.

VK & I did run ...
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1.Negroe In N.Y
4.Love You Generator
6.Glad To Be Home
7.Sore Feet
9.Picassos On The Wall
11.Opera Of Worms
12.Goin' Thru Life
13.The March (Demo 1982)
14.Stroll (Alternative Version) (Demo 1982)
15.Croox (Demo 1982)
16.Le Visage (Demo 1980)
17.Negroe In N.Y
20.Love You Generator
22.Glad To Be Home
25.Into Plan A
26.America Can Wait
27.Excerpt From "Toys"
28.Tense (Also On V/A 59 To1 Vol.3 Mag/Tape-Compilation 1983)
29.First Crap: Laughing
30.Lazy (Featuring - Bill Wisselink)
31.Second Crap: Boiled Bananas
32.Lyin' In State (Featuring - Edward Ka-Spel)
33.Third Crap: Practising
34.Stroll Featuring - (Bill Wisselink & Portion Control)
35.Fourth Crap: Sneeze-Dub
36.O.K. Boy
37.You're On!
38.Fifth Crap: Crowdy In Here
40.A Slice Of The Action (Bass - Peter Hoeks)
41.Nameless Crab
42.Good Morning
43.One More Crap
44.Eddy Hits Drollywood
45.Last Crap
46.L' Enfance Perdue (Featuring - Alain Neffe/Nadine Bal)
47.Something Special For The Northwest
48.Resistant (Featuring - Bill Wisselink)
49.Ruining The End
50.Transcontinental Love Waltz
51.The Heat
53.Alice Notley
54.Behind Venetian Blinds
55.Shadow Of A Doubt (As The High-Tones)
56.Whirlwind (Version)
57.The Beach (W. Bene Gesserit)
58.Another Waste
59.Goin' Thru Life (Part Two)
60.Bogaziçi V/A
61.Wilhelmus Part 1
62.Wilhelmus Part 2
63.Who's That Knocking...
64.Clear The Fog