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"I want to live"


Release: 2015
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Vanguard - I want to live MCD

„Vanguard" are back with a new single! The swedish duo delievers pure electronic pop from their upcoming album "Never surrender“. Besides the title track „I want to live“ the single also contains two exclusive bonus tracks. "Alive inside" which is an uptempo synthpop song and "Rising Phoenix", a more EBM oriented track.The single also includes exclusive remix versions by Torul, FGFC820 and Interface. Pure straight electropop reduced to the max! Get infected by this new virus: „Vanguard“!
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1.I Want To Live
2.Alive Inside
3.Rising Phoenix
4.I Want To Live (Kc Killjoy Vs Exosun Starsign Mix)
5.I Want To Live (Torul Remix)
6.I Want To Live (Interface Remix)
7.I Want To Live (Fgfc820 Remix)