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"Never Surrender"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Vanguard - Never Surrender CD

After the successful single release „I want to live“ (DAC, GEWC) released in november 2015 on Infacted Recordings, Jonas Olovsson and Patrik Hansson, better known as „Vanguard“ return with their third studio release to date entitled „Never Surrender“. For the production of this new album the swedish duo did manage to get mister „Rob Dust“ (known for his remix and production work for Camouflage, NamNamBulu, Chrom, Frozen Plasma, Visage, Torul, Joachim Witt to name a few) as production mastermind behind their mixing desk. „Never Surrender“ sounds fresh and modern as well as classical at the same time, combining the charm of early 80s pop with wave and electronic influences from club sounds to ballads. They’ve often been compared to bands such as Mesh, Torul, Colony 5, Frozen Plasma, Apoptygma Berzerk or Depeche Mode and there for sure is parallels. The band impresses with catchy hook lines and nice flute melodies which are clever mixed to create 12 diverse new soundscapes. Songs to be checked out: „A Different Story“, „Popularity“, „You Stray“ and the very sensitive „Eternity“.
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1.A Different Story
2.I Want To Live
4.Move On
5.You Stray
7.They Are Watching
8.Time Flies
9.Never Let Go