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Vanligt Folk

"Palle Bondo (Limited Edition)"


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Release: January 2018
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Vanligt Folk - Palle Bondo (Limited Edition) LP

Ideal throw a total curveball with Vanligt Folk’s doomdub body music mutations on Palle Bondo, where the Oslo/Gothenburg trio drop their punk leanings in favour of a stark sound lodged somewhere between Mika Vainio, CS + Kreme, Fever Ray, Toresch, and even Autechre.

The origins of the record are a bit cryptic and personal, which perhaps prompted the abrupt switch from their earlier styles to this, a more grown-up and pointed set of songs that vent their worries in a coolly gripping and cryptic style - not least because we can’t translate their Swedish lyrics.

However, it’s not difficult to ...
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2.Är Du Min Dotters Ängel
4.Palles Theme
5.Mer Än Mormal