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Vanligt Folk

"Vanligt Folk"


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Release: 2013
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Vanligt Folk - Vanligt Folk Maxi-single

Limited Edition of 300 copies! Progress Productions are proud to present their latest signing.

Vanligt Folk meaning ‘ordinary people’ in Swedish in one of those band you should not MISS. Once in a while, not very often at all you come across a band that has THAT. That little extra you always are looking for as a label. Vanligt Folk is one of those bands. And it was simply love at first sight/hearing when Progress discovered them. Their unique mixture of electronic sounds with hard agressive acoustic drums and own style totally filled with pure energy will probably just blowed you away.

This four tracks EP released as a very limited VINYL ONLY release, printed on reverse board- print is simply a masterpiece. Take Nitzer Ebb, DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten and mix it with the raw energy of early Swedish indie acts like Broder Daniel and similar and you are maybe somewhere near the result. But still not. There is something own here. Something unheard. Something you simply DONT want to miss...... Progress Productions are once again proving that "Ohhh sounds like... Ohhh i heard this sound before"... is simply just empty talk…
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1.Herrar Och Hundar
2.Moralekonomin (Ofreda Biståndet)
3.Idioter Av Församlingen
4.I En Värld Utan Hjältar