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"2009 Hands"


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Various - 2009 Hands 2CD

The new compilation continues the concept of 30 exclusive tracks (3 tracks by 10 different artists). It's an intense and fantastic trip through the HANDS universe from rhythm/noise over electro industrial to electronica arranged by Mono No Aware, 5F-X, Synth-Etik, Geistform, Nullvektor, Heimstatt usw.
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1.5F-X · 15% Cerosinned
2.5F-X · Quadrupel Bits
3.5F-X · E.D.D.Y.-scope
4.Mono No Aware · Lifecircle
5.Mono No Aware · Buraku
6.Mono No Aware · Morning In Higashi Honganji
7.Maschinenkrieger KR 52 vs. Disraptor · Scream
8.Maschinenkrieger KR 52 vs. Disraptor · Plug In
9.Maschinenkrieger KR 52 vs. Disraptor · D-modeler
10.Heimstatt Yipotash · Murder Ahoi
11.Heimstatt Yipotash · Seismic
12.Heimstatt Yipotash · You Lokk So Orsay (Pink Fashion)
13.Last Days Of S.E.X. · S.E.X. Positive Feminism
14.Last Days Of S.E.X. · Imaginaire Radical
15.Last Days Of S.E.X. · Night At The Quartier (Lastin Barricades Mix)
16.Geistform · Tr Output
17.Geistform · Pro Analogic
18.Geistform · E+
19.Nullvektor · Vorwärtstrend
20.Nullvektor · Gegenpol
21.Nullvektor · Symmetrieachse
22.Synth-Etik · Formantor
23.Synth-Etik · Atonal
24.Synth-Etik · Cavina
25.Kom-Intern · Out Of Space
26.Kom-Intern · Star Wars
27.Kom-Intern · Zero Nostalgia
28.Typhoid · Li non è qui (Typhoid Studio Remix)
29.Typhoid · 17 Surgical Love (Urband Art Mix)
30.Typhoid · Biscuits And Water