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"2010 Hands"


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Release: 2010
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Various - 2010 Hands 2CD

This is the 2cd label compilation '2010 Hands' featuring again 30 exclusive Tracks by 10 artists or over 145 minutes. You will get 3 tracks of your favorite artists or can discover new artists by listening to 3 non-album tracks.

In total a collection of progressive electronic beats from rhythm'n'noise and idm over experimental techno to dark drum'n'bass. Following artists are featured: Orphx , Geistform, S.k.e.t., Greyhound, Shorai, Maschinenkrieger Kr52 vs. Disraptor, Incite, Syntech, 13th monkey and 16pad noise terrorist.
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InfraRot item number:2007.068
Label's catalogue number:B037
1.Incite · Memory Effect
2.Incite · Moonlevel
3.Incite · Under Construction
4.Geistform · Valve Base
5.Geistform · Iskra
6.Geistform · Cern
7.Orphx · Anima
8.Orphx · Animus
9.Orphx · Shatter Self
10.Shorai · Todo A Zen
11.Shorai · Noxious Sounds
12.Shorai · El Recopetin - Induccion Industrial (Piticli Mix)
13.16Pad Noise Terrorist · I Met Myself
14.16Pad Noise Terrorist · Load The X In Your Head
15.16Pad Noise Terrorist · Lovecore
16.Greyhound · Lunatic
17.Greyhound · Memories
18.Greyhound · Inner Rythm
19.Maschinenkrieger KR 52 vs. Disraptor · Monotonie 72
20.Maschinenkrieger KR 52 vs. Disraptor · In Vitro
21.Maschinenkrieger KR 52 vs. Disraptor · Nuke Tac Team
22.S.K.E.T · Deactivate Consumer Fascism!
23.S.K.E.T · Actualise Yourself In A New World Order
24.S.K.E.T · No Limits For Heroes (2010 Riot Dynamix)
25.13th Monkey · Boulder Dash
26.13th Monkey · Incus
27.13th Monkey · Syphon
28.Syntech · Pandemona
29.Syntech · Crash
30.Syntech · Global Impulse