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"A Different Mix Vol. 6"


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Release: 2009
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Various - A Different Mix Vol. 6 CD

This is the Sixth volume of this series, that focuses on different remixers within the synthpop underground. The first five volumes have been sold-out for several years, becoming rarities for collectors. While the first 5 volumes were mixed by artists on the ADD-label, such as Neuroactive, The Nine, B! Machine or Count To Infinity, this sixth installment features previously unreleased remixes produced by Todd Durrant himself, the founder and man behind A Different Drum's label and store. Limited to strictly 500 copies.
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InfraRot item number:2003.599
Label:A Different Drum
Label's catalogue number:ADD1280
1.Midnight Resistance · A Tear In Every Moment (Crybaby)
2.Information Society · Burning Bridges (Old School)
3.Distorted Reality · Something Wicked (Extended Nightmare)
4.Neuroactive · Blindness Is Never Enough (Nearsighted Feat. Rename)
5.Eternity Range · Lst Flight (Concord)
6.Color Theory · Behind The Rhine (Overflow)
7.Pristina · The Ides Of May (Heatwave)
8.Rename · Maybe Later I Will Fall (Tragically Long Mix)
9.Saudade · Bad Dreams