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"A Tribute to Front 242 "Im Rhythmus bleiben""



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Various - A Tribute to Front 242

A Tribute to Front 242 " Im Rhythmus bleiben " It is a 3 compartment Tribute Sampler.This sampler is a 3 compartment published CD version on 24. Februar 2016 Each jewel case per 3 CD's and a 6-page booklet included. In this tribute sampler are top 16 bands per CD. So a total of 48 bands with different songs of the band Front 242nd

On 24.Februar 2016 the first edition will be published (blue cover image, blue booklet, blue CD printing) in the blue design and this collectible edition is limited to 242 pieces each.

The idea to produce this sampler comes from Stefan Rukavina / Radio Body Music. Stefan Rukavina has published in the past many Sampler.Radio Body Music is a label and radio in the area Electronic Body Music, Anhalt EBM, Dark Electro, Synth Pop, Future Pop, N.D.W., Electronic 80´s, Industrial und Experimental Organization, cover design and idea came from Radio Body Music.KL-Dark-Records cares at this Front 242 Tribute Sampler to the production, distribution and promotion.
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1.Overgament · Body To Body
2.Mechatronic · Operating Tracks
3.Pain Machinery~The · U-Men
4.MRDTC · Least Inkling
5.D-F-O-W · He Runs Too Fast For Us
6.Leaether Strip · Don´t Crash
7.Kant Kino · Lovely Day
8.Euforic Existence · No Shuffle
9.Human Nihil · Quite Unusual
10.Substaat · Circling Overland
11.Rhesus Factor & Rio Black · Headhunter
12.Vainerz · Sacrifice
13.Neotek Feat. Machine Soldier · Moldavia
14.Bichrom · Gripped By Fear
15.Post Machinery Environment · Tragedy For You
16.Gimme Shelter · Soulmanager
17.Tolchock · U-Men
18.Kapital · Kinetics
19.Sharon Next · Gvdt
20.Plastic Noise Experience · Operating Tracks
21.System 84 · No Shuffle
22.56 Degrees North · Don´t Crash
23.Evo-Lution · Controversy Between
24.Vaylon Feat. Leaether Strip · Quite Unusual
25.747 Federales · Circling Overland
26.Trilogy · Im Rhythmus Bleiben
27.AD:keY · Work 242
28.Werksfront · Never Stop
29.In Good Faith · Masterhit
30.Vuduvox · Headhunter
31.Steril · Animal
32.Patenbrigade:Wolff · Mutilate
33.Les Berrtas · U-Men
34.Readjust · Take One
35.Machinista · No Shuffle
36.26Z · Until Death (Us Do Part)
37.Nine Circles · U-Men
38.Force Dimension · No Shuffle
39.Mortal Memories · Quite Unusual
40.R.B.M.K · Punish Your Machine
41.Schramm · Headhunter
42.Naked Tears · Moldavia
43.DKDent · No Shuffle (Electone Mix)
44.K-Bereit · Together
45.Dpoint · U-Men
46.Audiotherapie · No Shuffle
47.Lastrax · Circling Overland
48.Droid Sector Decay · Neurobashing