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"Amphi Festival 2013"


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Release: 2013
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Various - Amphi Festival 2013 CD

The newest instalment of the compilation series accompanying the annual Amphi Festival in Cologne, Germany features a line-up that reads like a „who is who“ of the international Gothic- and Electro-scene.

This year’s sampler puts a stronger focus on the electronic side of things and features an impressive selection of the most important bands with the likes of Agonoize, Suicide Commando, Die Form, DE/Vision, Funker Vogt, Welle: Erdball, Icon Of Coil, Solitary Experiments, CHROM, Tyske Ludder, Frozen Plasma and Grendel. But the diversity of other musical genres within the scene, from Gothic Rock, via Batcave to Medieval, are also well represented with famous names like Umbra Et Imago, Tanzwut, Alien Sex Fiend or A Life (Divided).

“Amphi Festival 2013” is more dance floor compatible than ever. While being the ideal companion and souvenir for this year’s spectacle, it is also one of the best and most interesting overviews of what today’s scene has to offer… and it comes at a fair EP price! A jam-packed CD and a mandatory purchase for any scene-aficionado!
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Label:Out Of Line
Label's catalogue number:OUT623
1.Agonoize · Bis Das Blut Gefriert (Die Braut Remix)
2.Icon Of Coil · Perfect Sex
3.Chrom · In My World
4.Form~Die · Nocturnal Emotions
5.Alien Sex Fiend · Oops! Wrong Planet
6.Tanzwut · Königin Der Nacht
7.Stahlmann · Süchtig
8.Suicide Commando · See You In Hell (Live)
9.Funker Vogt · Gott Noch Nicht
10.Solitary Experiments · Trial And Error
11.De/Vision · Binary Soldier (Radio Cut)
12.A Life Divided · Perfect Day (Feat. Chris Harms)
13.Umbra Et Imago · Machina Mundi
14.Welle: Erdball · Computerklang
15.Frozen Plasma · Imaginary (Live)
16.Conflict Instigation (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
17.Tyske Ludder · Wallfahrt (Betonkater Edit)